(...) A very own synthesis of elements from contemporary jazz, Brazilian music and "fado", extraordinary and fascinating

Maria Klaner, Bayerischer Rundfunk


Maria de Fatima (voc) – Walter Lang (p) – Peter Cudek (dr)

From the first note Maria de Fatima (...) managed to draw me in.

Fono Forum Musik&Klang: 5 Stars)


Portuguese singers are not often heard in our homeland (...). But now the CD of  singer Maria de Fatima got released - and hereby a magnificent voice opens up itself to a - hopefully very broad - public.


(...) The results are intimate treasures, orchestrated like chamber music, that have more in common with jazz than with musica popular brasileira or melancholic "fado".


The trio succeeds to unite very different musical styles in a highly virtuosic manner. Portuguese traditions of  melancholic-lyric "fado" singing connect with  Bossa Nova from Rio de Janeiro and harmonize with rhythms from Salvador de Bahia in a way that a coherent equation of completely new, independent music is created.


Maria de Fatima is a master in the world-wide language of emotions and can arouse people's "saudade", which means a deep longing. The Brazilians express "saudade" with the ease of their rhythms, the Portuguese by the melancholy of „Fado". Maria de Fatima puts it all together in her special way. She grew up in Lisbon, at a time when the "fado" reigned in the local pubs while the new Bossa Nova sound was played on the radio.

These two styles and the emotions triggered by them are the focus of her musical progression, starting up during her studies at the "Hilversum Music Conservatory" in the Netherlands. She studied jazz singing and later came to Germany. At present she is teaching at the music school in Oldenburg and at the conservatory in Bremen. Furthermore she plays numerous concerts and gives workshops in Europe.


In 2010, she won the prestigious BMW Jazzaward.

Maria de Fatima touches the audience with her unmistakable musical style and voice and leaves a lasting impression.


"The Poet", "The Lyricist", "The Romanticist" - The pianist and composer Waalter Lang ist an inherent part of the european jazz scene for decades.
Innoumerable concerts and tours together with his own bands, but also together with Lee Konitz, James Moody, Chico Freeman, Dusko Goykovich and others attest to his incredible musical diversity and creativity.


He is cofounder of the "Rick Hollander Quartet" as well as leader and founder of the grandiose WORLD PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE, both international very successful combos. His jazz adaptations of the great baroque composers as well as of the romanticists of the 18th century are legendary. Together with the famous TRIO ELF, he has been nearly continous on world tour since 2005.


Lang also enjoys an excellent reputation as composer and arranger. The renowned "Fono Forum" claims: "Lang's adorable compositions compositions have the quality that characterizes many great music: they entertain from the first hearing, but open up to a deeper meaning with every repetition"!


In Europe not well known is the fact, that Walter Lang has been a celebrated star on the very distinctive Japanese jazz market for many years. He has published eight CDs in Japan and has been touring there every year since 1991.


He made a name for himself on the bass with his independent, melodic virtuoso style. He quickly changes from a soloistic counterpoint to warm bass lines.


Born 1979 in Slovakia he moved to Germany after his studies in his hometown Zilina. He attended a masterclass with Paolo Cardoso in Munich.


In 2010 he he started to play concerts with "COSMODRON". In 2012 he studied with Ron Carter in New York City

In the shortest possible time, the bassvirtuose became one of the most popular bass players in Germany. Concert tours and CD recordings along with Claudio Roditi, Harry Sokal, Karen Edwards, Fritz Pauer, Oliver Kent, Jeff Gardner, Ack van Rooyen, Karl Ratzer and others made him internationally well known.

Together with Walter Lang he can also be heard in the WORLD PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE and the internationally acclaimed TRIO ELF.

Velho Piano - (sample 48s) - Fadinho
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Cantador - (sample 50s) - Fadinho
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Roda Viva - (sample 44s) - Fadinho
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Angustia - (sample 40s) - Fadinho
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Medo - (sample 38s) - Fadinho
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