"together in music"


Joerg Widmoser (viol) - Andreas Wiersich (g) - Wolfgang Lell (acc,g) –
Alex Bayer (b) - Roland Duckarm (dr,perc)


"Transmitting Handcrafted European Music"

 Fasten your seat belts, phones off!


 Embark on a musical journey across the entire continent of Europe, from the first bar!


"Europe in two hours" – that requires a musical road map and experience that one can neither study nor teach. Countless trips and encounters, hundreds of improvisations and sessions are underlying the melodies that “got stuck” en route and that are constantly renewing themselves in

 interplay. Some of those melodies carry on the soul of a country, others the mystery of togetherness and most of them, naturally, invite to dance!


 The award-winning musicians "broadcast" on a wide European frequency with impressive depth and breathtaking virtuosity.

Direct transmission guaranteed!


Celebrating, dancing, amazement, and enthusiasm – they are in decline in the current times of crisis. As always, RADIO EUROPA tries to intervene with a great feast of European music. From the first bar, we take you on a musical flight of fancy across the entire continent. Give us two hours and let us restore your belief in the European sense of freedom, adventure, passion and love for each other.

Countless travels and encounters, hundreds of interpretations and sessions are behind every melody collected by Radio Europa in every corner of Europe. Some carry the soul of a country, others the magic of twosomeness, most of them simply want to be danced. The award-winning musicians are “transmitting widely in whole Europe”. Their swaying profundity and breathtaking virtuosity takes them from French musettes to Scandinavian sounds with great ease, passing Irish folk, Balkan beats and Spanish rhythms on their way. Even the great classical composers join in riding this joyful roundabout full of music.

Music breaks down all boundaries! We are inviting you to:



RADIO EUROPA played many festivals around Europe, f.i. Rheingau Musik Festival, Goethe Institut Athen, Kultursommer Nordhessen, Akkordeonfestival Vienna…….


The musicians:


Joerg Widmoser, violin

Joerg Widmoser is one of the most versatile and virtuoso jazz violinists in Europe. He plays 1st violin with the Modern String Quartet since 1983, and is an active performer in very different kinds of jazz ensembles. With the Modern String Quartet he toured Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the United States several times. So far he published 48 CDs. Joerg Widmoser was honored with a couple of cultural awards f.i. 1st Price at the International Jazz Violin Competition in Stettin (Poland, 1987), Award of the German Phonoakademie, Cultural Award of the City of Munich (1986) und Nuremberg (2007). He performed during several tours in the US with great jazzmusicians like Claude Williams, Tony Williams, Steve Rudolph, Philly Joe Jones, Grover Washington, John Blake, Marc O ́Connor, Matt Glaser and many others. Activities: Modern String Quartet, Radio Europa, Joerg Widmoser and Friends, The German Jazz Violins, Ensemble Sarband. He also teaches Jazzviolin f.i. at the „Mark O ́Connors Fiddle Conference“ in San Diego (USA) with Matt Glaser and Darol Anger.

Wolfgang Lell, accordeon

Wolfgang Lell, one of the founding members of Radio Europa is both accordionist /pianist and singer. In his career during the last 40 years he has developed a remarkable musical repertoire, from the oldies of the 50ies up to modern contemporary music.

His talent to play and sing live without any accompanying devices has given him a notably reputation amongst musicians and the audience as well. On top of that Wolfgang Lell is part of television shows as composer and musician.


Andreas Wiersich, guitar

Andreas Wiersich is Radio Europa’s guitarist. He holds diplomas from the Munich Guitar Institute and Nuremberg Conservatoire. He has received various awards as a musician and composer and is a winner of the international guitar competition “Open Strings” Osnabrück and of the cultural award of the city of Nuremberg. In 2003 he received the Special Award of the Bavarian Music Foundation.

In 2008, Andreas Wiersich founded the “Midnight Story Orchestra” for which he has since written three “radio play concerts”, gaining much acclaim all over Germany with this new kind of concept. He has been working as a guitar and music theory teacher at the Vocational School for Music, “Musication”, in Nuremberg for many years.


Alex Bayer, bass

Alex Bayer is a German bass player, composer and improviser. As an artist whose musical taste defies any kind of categorization, he loves playing expressive music that touches the borders of jazz and contemporary improvised music. Other than composing and performing as a soloist, Alex frequently accompanies vocalists and instrumentalists, providing a strong bottom to their music. This may happen in styles as diverse as Indie, Hip Hop, Folk, Metal, Latin, World Music, Electronica, Funk … and the beat goes on and on and on …


Roland Duckarm, drums

Roland Duckarm, drummer and percussionist has studied at the music university in Nuremberg. His musical career started about 25 years ago including a big variety of groups and styles, such as Jazz, Rock, Pop and Latin. Notably about his playing is that he mixes drums and percussion in a customized way to meet the needs of each group individually. 

He also takes drumming and music to another level, both as an experienced teacher and by using it in a therapeutic way.



Radio Europa: together in music (Upsolute Music Records 135), 2015

Radio Europa: Live at the Cinema (Upsolute Music Records 123), 2011

L’Orchestre Europa: Fais ton Cirque (Upsolute Music Records 121), 2010

L’Orchestre Europa: Le Grand Rouge (Laika Records, 3510226.2), 2007

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